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  • Voice Animage 13

    NONE ボイス・アニメージュ vol 13

    Tokuma Shoten
    990 yen
    released 1997.03.25

    [information provided by Joe Petrow, some updates by Hitoshi Doi]

    The cover has Miyamura Yuko, Hikami Kyoko, and Imai Yuka at an amusement park. The pullout picture has a similar pose of those three seiyuu.


    4 pages on the Shiina Hekiru concert in Budokan Hall on 1997.02.22

    8 pages of lists as voted upon by the fans, including:

    • Top 50 overall seiyuu
    • Top 50 female seiyuu
    • Top 50 male seiyuu
    • Top 30 male seiyuu anime lead character roles
    • Top 30 female seiyuu anime lead character roles
    • Top 30 male seiyuu anime supporting character roles
    • Top 30 female seiyuu anime supporting character roles
    • Top 30 seiyuu radio shows
    • Top 30 seiyuu albums
    • Top 30 seiyuu singles
    • Top 30 seiyuu anime songs

    The top female seiyuu of 1996 were:

    Rank Seiyuu Votes
    1 Shiina Hekiru 3133
    2 Hayashibara Megumi 2448
    3 Kouda Mariko 1761
    4 Sakurai Tomo 1173
    5 Miyamura Yuko 1148
    6 Iwao Junko 676
    7 Inoue Kikuko 646
    8 Mitsuishi Kotono 609
    9 Ogata Megumi 585
    10 Tange Sakura 567
    11 Yokoyama Chisa 428
    12 Hikami Kyoko 354
    13 Nagasaki Moe 338
    14 Shiratori Yuri 294
    15 Hisakawa Aya 260
    20 Orikasa Ai 157
    24 Kuwashima Houko 113
    28 Nogami Yukana 102
    36 Touma Yumi 46
    46 Asada Yoko 29
    46 Toyoshima Machiko 29
    49 Akiyama Kumi 21

    Koyasu Takehito was the number 1 male seiyuu.

    The top seiyuu singles of 1996 were dominated by Shiina Hekiru.

    Rank Seiyuu Song
    1 Shiina Hekiru Iroasenai Shunkan
    2 Shiina Hekiru Sora wo Akiramenai
    3 Kouda Mariko Yume ha Hitori Mirumono Janai
    4 Shiina Hekiru Me wo Samase, Otoko Nara
    5 Shiina Hekiru Dameyo! Dameyo! Dameyo!!

    There a pictures of the top ranked seiyuu, but most of the pictures are taken from other issues of Voice Animage.

    6 pages on Miyamura Yuko, Hikami Kyoko, and Imai Yuka frolicking at the Fujikyu Highland amusement park.

    color pages

    1 page on Kouda Mariko's concert tour.

    2 pages on the making of Miyamura Yuko's new video.

    2 pages on Inoue Kikuko, in 19th-century style dress.

    2 pages on Horie Yui.

    2 pages on Iizuka Mayumi.

    3 pages (both color and monochrome) on Ikezawa Haruna, Hikami Kyoko, and Pierre (a stuffed frog). Haruna is wearing a kimono, and Kyoko is wearing a red China dress.

    monochrome pages

    4 pages featuring the casts of Slayers Try, MAZE, Shin Tenchi Muyou, Cutey Honey Flash, and Kerokero Chime.

    3 pages on the Evangelion movie, including seiyuu and staff pictures.

    4 pages on Iwao Junko, with pictures of her in many outfits, including long plaid dress, tight white sweater, and black sweater. Also some concert rehearsal pictures, with one shot of Junko wearing glasses.
    [very nice monochrome pictures]

    color pages

    3 pages on the new band Weiss, featuring Koyasu Takehito, Seki Tomokazu, Miki Shinichiro, and Yuuki Hiro.

    2 pages on the E.M.U. concert on 1997.01.15.

    3 pages on the Nozomi Sasaki Birthday Live '97 concert in Akasaka Blitz

    2 pages from the Hisakawa Aya "Uiiiiisssu" concert on 1997.02.16 in Akasaka Blitz (given what it says in the article, I think the pictures are from the evening concert...)

    1 page on the Macross Generation radio series

    2 pages on the Seiyuu Collection events, featuring Inoue Kikuko, Ikezawa Haruna, Kingetsu Mami, and Kusachi Fumie. Also a section on the new "Shibuya de Chu" television program.

    Many more articles and pictures...

    monochrome pages

    6 pages on CD recording reports, featuring Sakamoto Maaya, Hisakawa Aya, Nagasaki Moe, Kusao Takeshi, Shiratori Yuri, Suzuki Masami, Kusachi Fumie, Ikezawa Haruna, and Miyamura Yuko.

    1 page on new CDs, including "Grapefruits" by Sakamoto Maaya, "Baby's Breath" by Shiratori Yuri, and "Never Say Good-bye" by Girls Be (Kuwashima Houko and Toyoshima Machiko).

    4 pages for Voice Animage Access Station, featuring events, CD's, videos, games, and other items of interest

    More articles..

    15 pages dedicated to all of the seiyuu radio shows

    color pages

    3 pages of Ogata Megumi at a bowling party

    2 pages on Gall Force: The Revolution. Full cast shot, and individual face pictures of Mitsuishi Kotono, Inoue Kikuko, Sakurai Tomo, Nagasaki Moe, Hikami Kyoko, Yokoyama Chisa, and Kusachi Fumie.

    5 pages on Elle Staff Promotions, including Sakurai Tomo's Valentine's Day Events, and Nagasaki Moe's play, plus rehearsals.

    4 pages on Nagasaki Moe in Okinawa. Moe-chan in a short, flower design, sleeveless one-piece, standing in the ocean; some smaller pictures of Moe-chan in various cute clothes; and Moe-chan in a sailor fuku, petting a little dog. There is also a full page picture of Moe-chan in overalls, sitting down.

    1 monochrome page, the "Moegurumi" corner.

    monochrome pages

    13 pages of seiyuu data.

    [Voice Animage]

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