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[cover] Voice Animage 38

Tokuma Shoten
990 yen (5% tax included)
released 2001.06.18

The cover has a large picture of Iizuka Mayumi.

14 pages, with large color pictures, on Iizuka Mayumi.

8 pages, long interview with many color pictures, on Sakamoto Maaya. 5 pages, event report, on Sakamoto Maaya's Second Live (2001.05.04).

Color pull out poster, Iizuka Mayumi on one side, Sakamoto Maaya on the other.

4 color pages on Enomoto Atsuko, talking about her CD "Be My Angel".

3 color pages, interview with a couple large pictures, on Shiina Hekiru.

2 color pages, on Nogawa Sakura.

1 color page, on Komori Manami.

1 color page, on Mieno Hitomi.

1 color page, on Ikezawa Haruna.

1 color page, on Tamura Yukari.

2 color pages, on Yamamoto MAria.

5 color pages, on Weiss (Seki Tomokazu, Miki Shinichirou, Koyasu Takehito, Yuuki Hiro).

2 color pages on Saiyuuki, with a large picture of the main cast. Seki Toshihiko, Hoshi Souichirou, Ishida Akira, Hirata Hiroaki.

1 color page on Ace File (Yoshikawa Mae, Kudou Asagi, Nara Saori, Kushi Marina). The idol group Ace File will sing the ED to the TV anime, Ai Mai Mii! Strawberry Egg. Also Yoshikawa Mae will do the voice of Kura Ge (a dog).

4 color pages on Alien 9. Shitaya Noriko, Ihata Juri, and Shimizu Kaori are cosplaying as their chracters.

2 color pages on Sasaki Nozomu.

1 color page on Nakahara Mai and Nakase Asuka.

7 monochrome pages on radio shows. 1 page on Hayashibara Megumi's Heartful Station, with a monochrome picture of Megumi and Hoshi Souichirou. 1 page on Dear Friends, with many small pictures from their public recording event. 1/2 page on Mozaiku Night Tuesday (Morikubo Shoutarou). 1 page on Haniwa My House, with a few pictures of Yamamoto Maria, Enomoto Atsuko, Nakahara Mai. 1/2 page on Lily no Atelier and Uni Puni Net (Internet broadcast), with pictures of Nakahara Mai, Shimono Hiro, Nasu Megumi. 1 page on Mikako@Payopayo (Internet broadcast), with pictures of Takahashi Mikako, Tsuchiya Mieko.

4 monochrome pages, talk between Sugiyama Kazuko and Matsumoto Rica.

1 monochrome page, column by Kouda Mariko.

1 monochrome page, column by Iwata Mitsuo.

1 monochrome page, on Ueda Kana.

1/3 monochrome page, on Saki Tomokazu, drama CD for Gravitation.

5 color pages, on Morikubo Shoutarou.

2 color pages on the "Sei Rost Gakuen" event, pictures of Miki Shinichirou, Ishikawa Hideo, and Kasahara Rumi.

3 color pages on Hunter x Hunter, with pictures of Mitsuhashi Kanako, Takeuchi Junko, Gouda Hozumi, Kimura Akiko, and Takahashi Hiroki. Everyone is dressed up as their characters.

1 color page on Zero Phenix, with pictures of Kanna Nobutoshi and Midorikawa Hikaru.

2 color pages on Takahashi Mikako.

1 color page on Asano Masumi.

1 color page on Kugimiya Rie.

2 color pages on Yoyogi Animation Gakuin (a seiyuu school), featuring Shitaya Noriko.

1 color page on Nihon Kougakuin Senmon Gakkou, seiyuu course, featuring Cha Fuurin (teacher).

2 monochrome pages on Yamaguchi Kappei.

1 monochrome page on Enomoto Atsuko's handwriting.

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