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  • Animelo Shinjin Audition Memorial Songs

    アニメロ新人オーディション〜Memorial Songs〜

    released 2008.12.24
    2310 yen

    This CD is a compilation CD containing the theme song to the Animelo shinjin audition Internet broadcast program, and solo songs by the members of that program.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. にじ色アメイジングスマイル (Niji Iro Amazing Smile) まぐかっぷ (Mugcup)
    2. ありがとう (Arigatou) UNOA
    3. 冬のうた (Fuyu no Uta) 伊藤あすか (Itou Asuka)
    4. 放課後のチャイム (Houkago no Chime) 仮屋梨萌子 (Kariya Rimoko)
    5. TAKE A CHANCE! 若林裕希 (Wakabayashi Yuki)
    6. No Problem! 有野いく ( Arino Iku )
    7. アルテミア (Altemia) 藤田美千佳 (Fujita Michika)
    8. もっと… (Motto..) 春川瑠花 (Harukawa Ruka)
    9. 鯖 (Saba) 鷲崎健 (Washizaki Takeshi)
    Mugcup is a group made up of Itou Asuka, Kariya Rimoko, and Wakabayashi Yuki.

    This CD is only available at Gamers and amazon.co.jp. But it was also on sale at Comic Market 75.

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