Mugcup (まぐかっぷ) is a group made up of three girls who were part of the Animelo shinjin audition. The girls are Itou Asuka (伊藤あすか), Wakabayashi Yuki (若林裕希), and Kariya Rimoko (仮屋梨萌子). They formed the group in early 2008, but didn't decide on a name for the group. They decided on the name Mugcup in March 2008.

They have one group song Niji Iro Amazing Smile which has been released on CDR a few times. It is also on the Animelo Shinjin Audition Memorial Songs album.

The following are some of the events that Mugcup have appeared in.

2007.12.09 Animelo Shinjin Audition Flyer Event
2007.12.29-2007.12.31 Comic Market 73
2008.01.14 Niji Iro Amazing Smile ver.1 event
2008.03.09 Niji Iro Amazing Smile ver.3 event
2008.12.28 Comic Market 75

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