M ni Makasero! vol. 4

M(おれたち)にまかせろ! vol. 4

Columbia COCC-14581
released 1997.10.21
total time 53:52

This CD contains audio drama for the Sotsugyou M series.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. 9:56 Wakasa no Detail 1
  2. 10:30 Wakasa no Detail 2
  3. 9:00 Wakasa no Detail 3
  4. 10:34 Wakasa no Detail 4
  5. 13:52 Sotsugyo M Fantasy
The cast is as follows.

Arai TougoMidorikawa Hikaru
Takagi ShimonOkiayu Ryoutarou
Nakamoto ShouHayashi Nobutoshi
Katou YuusukeIshikawa Hideo
Shimura MikimaroSakaguchi Daisuke
Yoshiki AraiOhba Mahito
TachiharaSumitomo Nanae
MatsunagaYamamoto Manami
Kitagawa JuliaOkada Junko
Saeki RinaMakishima Yuki
waitressOkamoto Asami
Kawazoe HarukaShiozawa Kaneto

The first four tracks make up one story, that was broadcast on the radio. The fifth track is a separate story.

Julia and Rina are models in Office Muroi, a corrupted model agency. Rina appears in tracks 1 and 3, Julia appears in track 1, and the waitress appears in track 4.

The "main" characters are Tougo and Shimon.

the story

Tougo and Shimon went to a fancy party hosted by Tougo's father. There they met the pretty models, Julia and Rina, who were being used by Tachihara to set up Shimon for blackmail pictures.

Julia pulled Tougo away from Shimon. Shimon and Rina suddenly left the party (as Tachihara told Shimon that she would talk about his identity if he didn't). Haruka came and talked Tougo away from Julia.
[no more Julia..]

Shimon didn't go home that night.

A couple days later, Tachihara called Shimon and told him to go meet Rina at the hotel. Shimon went, but he told Rina that he just came to tell her that he wouldn't come any more.
[no more Rina..]

The next day, Tachihara brought some pictures of Shimon and Rina to Yoshiki Arai. She claimed that Shimon forced Rina to go to a hotel with him, and she threatened to make the pictures public, as well as giving out the identity of Shimon as Arai's mystery model.

Matsunaga paniced and called Tougo. They went to a coffee shop to discuss the pictures. The waitress came and took their order.
[no more waitress..]

But Tougo looked at the pictures and knew right away that it was a setup. Also Yoshiki Arai realized it too.

Arai called for Shimon and apologized for letting him fall into such a situation. Then he said that he would publically announce the identity of the mystery model.

As an Okada Junko fan..

Julia is a much more "mature" role than the other roles Junko has done. But Julia only appears in the first part, and has only 11 lines.. (;_;)

Julia: え?あっちってどこ, 立原さん?
Julia: あ, あのこ達を, 私さっきからカッコ良いなと思っていたの。
Julia: 本当ですか?
Julia: なんだかよく分からないけど。でもカッコ良いこを口説き落としたら 仕事を貰えるなんて, 最高じゃない。

Julia: はじめまして, 北側ジュリアです。どうぞよろしくお願いします。
Julia: だったら一緒に行きましょう。あなたのも残り少ないし。

Julia: へへ, そうなの。透吾さんって何でも知っているのね。
Julia: ううん, そんなことある。とってもすてき。
Julia: 本当に?
Julia: え?
Julia: 分かりました。どうもすみません。じゃあ, またあとでね, 透吾さん。 立原さん短気だからいそいで行かないと。ふふふ。

As an Okamoto Asami fan..

The voice of the waitress is very easy to recognize as Asami's voice. But the waitress has only 2 lines.. (;_;)

waitress: いらっしゃいませ。ご注文は?
waitress: はい, かしこまりました。

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