Girls Be


Victor VICL-60063
1575 yen (with tax)
released 1997.06.21
around 29 minutes

This is the first Girls Be maxi single, featuring one new song and several new versions of the song GIRLS BE.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Girls Be.. (New Lyrics Version) 4:39
  2. Mayonaka ni Oideyo (Party Groove Mix) (真夜中においでよ) 4:56
  3. GIRLS BE...(Machiko Original Solo Version) 4:38
  4. GIRLS BE...(Houko Original Solo Version) 4:38
  5. GIRLS BE...(Original Karaoke) 4:38
  6. Mayonaka ni Oideyo (Instrumental) 5:09
Track 1 is the song used as the OP for the TV anime Bamboo Bears. Track 6 opens with a short message in French by Houko.

The jacket cover has Houko dressed in a yellow one-piece dress with yellow stockings and a big furry yellow and white hat on the left, and Machiko dressed in a blue one-piece dress with blue stockings, and her hair up, holding big sunglasses on top of her head, against an orange backdrop (Machiko said this was supposed to project a "French" image). The inside jacket picture has Houko and Machiko close together, Houko wearing a white and blue striped sleeveless dress with a green scarf and her hair up, and Machiko wearing a yellow, blue, and red plaid sleeveless dress with a red scarf, and her hair down. The lyrics also contain a few small pictures of Houko and Machiko.

The CD case is the "thin" kind, not the normal plastic CD case.

[information provided by Joe Petrow]