Girls Be

The seiyuu group Girls Be is made up of Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿) and Kuwashima Houko (ˡ). They were chosen as the image characters for the manga Boys Be.

Girls Be released their first album Never Say Good Bye (Sayonara ha Iwanai) on 1997.02.21, and they held their debut event on 1997.03.02 in Ikebukuro.

The Girls Be maxi-single, went on sale 1997.06.21, and they also had a series of events for that in Akihabara 1997.06.29 and Osaka 1997.07.06.

The second album French Daisakusen was released on 1997.08.21.

Girls Be also had their own radio show Girls Be no Nanikato Poyo Poyo.

The unit Girls Be disbanded after their Graduation Concerts in Osaka 1997.12.14 and Kawasaki 1997.12.21.

At the end, the Girls Be First and Last Documentary video came out in August of 1998.

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