Pop Girls/Unlock

Pop”łGirls! (Princess)
Unlock (Rouge)

released 2016.08.24
1200 yen+tax

This CD contains character songs for the smartphone game Battle Girl High School.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Pop”łGirls! [Princess]
  2. Unlock [Rouge]
  3. Pop”łGirls! (karaoke)
  4. Unlock (karaoke)
Songs by the groups Princess and Rouge.

The Princess members are as follows.

Hoshitsuki MikiSuzaki Aya
Narumi HarukaAmamiya Sora
Wakaba SubaruSakura Ayane

The Rouge members are as follows.

Tokiwa KurumiHayami Saori
Amano NozomiTouyama Nao
Himukai YuriUesaka Sumire

The lyrics booklet has color coded markings for the singers of each line of the songs.

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