Title Idol

Title Idol (Pastel Palettes)

BRMM-10350 (CD only) 3200 yen+tax
BRMM-10349 (CD+bluray) 9500 yen+tax
released 2021.05.19

This CD contains character songs for the smartphone game Bang Dream Girls Band Party.

The tracks are as follows.

  2. ワクワクmeetsトリップ
  3. ゆら・ゆらRing-Dong-Dance
  4. もういちど ルミナス
  5. あっつあつ 常夏 らぶ☆サマー!
  6. 天下卜ーイツA to Z☆
  7. しゅわりん☆どり〜みん
  8. Power of Love!!!
  9. きゅ〜まい*Flower
  10. Winking☆Cheer
  11. ゆめゆめグラデーション
Songs by the group Pastel Palettes.
This is the first album by Pastel Palettes.

The members and cast of Pastel Palettes is as follows.

Maruyama AyaMaeshima Ami
Wakamiya EveHata Sawako
Hikawa HinaOzawa Ari
Shirasagi ChisatoUesaka Sumire
Yamato MayaNakagami Ikumi

The Bluray version contains 2 Bluray discs. One disc has a promo video of "Title Idol" and the other disc has the video of the Pastel Palettes event "Manmaru Oyama ni Irodori Special" that took place on 1/27, 2020. There is video of all 15 songs by Maeshima Ami (前島亜美) and the guest appearances by Hata Sawako (秦佐和子) and Nakagami Ikumi.

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