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  • BanG Dream CDs

    The following are some of the CDs that have been released for Bang Dream (TV anime) and Girls Band Party (game).

    date CD
    2016.02.24 Yes! BanG_Dream! (Poppin Party)
    2016.08.03 Star Beat! -Hoshi no Kodou- (Poppin Party)
    2016.12.07 Hashiri Hajimetabakari no Kimi ni (Poppin Party)
    2016.02.01 Tokimeki Experince! (Poppin Party)
    2017.02.15 Kira Kira datoka Yume datoka -Sing Girls- (Poppin Party)
    2017.04.05 Doki Doki Sing Out! (Toyama Kasumi)
    2017.04.19 Black Shout (Roselia)
    2017.05.10 Mae he Susume! (Poppin Party)
    2017.06.21 Hanazono Denki Guitar (Hanazono Tae)
    2017.06.21 Chocolate no Teion Recipe (Ushigome Rimi)
    2017.06.28 re:birthday (Roselia)
    2017.07.12 Shuwarin Dreamin (Pastel Palettes)
    2017.07.26 Tooi Ongaku (Yamabuki Saaya)
    2017.07.26 Su Sukinaka janai (Ichigaya Arisa)
    2017.08.02 Egao no Orchestra (Hello Happy World)
    2017.08.30 Nesshoku Starmine (Roselia)
    2017.09.06 That Is How I Roll (Afterglow)
    2017.09.20 Time Lapse (Poppin Party)
    2017.11.29 Oneness (Roselia)
    2017.12.13 Christmas no Uta (Poppin Party)
    2018.01.17 Yura Yura Ring-Dong-Dance (Pastel Palettes)
    2018.01.31 Hey Day Capriccio (Afterglow)
    2018.02.14 Gouka! Goukai! Phantom Thief (Hello Happy World)
    2018.03.21 Circling (Poppin Party)
    2018.03.21 Opera of the Wasteland (Roselia)
    2018.05.02 Anfang (Roselia)
    2018.07.11 Double Rainbow (Poppin Party)

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