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  • Manbou Housoukyoku


    Media Remoras MRCA-20077
    2800 yen
    released 1995.11.17

    This CD is a talk CD by Inoue Kikuko, done in a format of a radio show.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Kaikyoku ni Atatte (開局にあたって(笑))
    2. Saisho no Talk (さいしょのトーク)
    3. Commercial Sono 1 (こまーしゃる その1)
    4. Oneechan ni Kike (おねえちゃんにきけぇ〜)
    5. Umiushi-kun (うみうしくん)
    6. Commercial Sono 2 (こまーしゃる その2)
    7. Weather Report (うぇざーリポート)
    8. Ohagaki Corner (おはがきこぉなぁ)
    9. Obenkyoo no Jikan (おべんきょおのじかん)
    10. Commercial Sono 3 (こまーしゃる その3)
    11. Traffic Report (とらふぃっくりぽーと)
    12. Ikinari Shin Corner (いきなり新コーナー)
    13. Sube Sube Manjuu Gani (すべすべまんじゅうがに)
    14. News no Jikan (にゅーすのじかん)
    15. Renzoku Drama "Family Sentai Kazokuman"
    16. Hoya (ほや)
    17. Commercial Sono 4 (こまーしゃる その4)
    18. Oshimai no Talk (おしまいのトーク)
    19. Sono Tsugi no Bangumi (そのつぎのばんぐみ)
    20. Family Sentai Kazokuman no Theme (song: Inoue Kikuko)
      ファミリー戦隊カゾクマンのテーマ (歌:井上喜久子)
    The front cover has Kikuko wearing a red checkered on-piece over a pink long sleeve shirt. The dress is about knee length. Kikuko is wearing long black boots, which are red at the top. She is sitting on a red, funny shaped chair.

    This CD is set up like a radio show, complete with CMs and such. Kikuko does all of the voices, a very wide range of voices.

    Kikuko talked a lot about this CD on the 1995.11.17 broadcast of her radio show Ruri Iro Aquarium.

    The cast list for Family Sentai Kazokuman is as follows.

    Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子) [Kazoku Red]Inoue Kikuko
    Hiroshi (ひろし) [Kazoku Blue]Inoue Kikuko
    Miki (美紀) [Kazoku Pink]Inoue Kikuko
    Takuya (拓也) [Kazoku Yellow]Inoue Kikuko
    Professor Inoue (井上博士)Inoue Kikuko
    President (社長)Inoue Kikuko
    Tsukkomii (ツッコミー)Inoue Kikuko
    Bokerar (ボケラー)Inoue Kikuko

    Kikuko also does the narration.

    Kikuko is 17 years old, Hiroshi is around 10, Miki around 5, and Takuya is a baby.

    Professor Inoue had invented a medicine to make any woman young and beautiful. The bad guys took Kikuko's mother Sachiko as a hostage. They turned Kikuko's father into a tiny person, small enough to fit on one's palm. The Inoue kids (and their tiny father) had to fight against the bad guys.

    Some funny parts from the CD. (^_^;)

    Kikuko: When I was little, maybe when I was in kindergarten, we used to take a nap, my mother, my sister, and me. Then when my mother tried to wake me up, I pretended to sleep. My mother would always say, "Let's eat the cake." Then I would always wake up. When I ask, "Where's the cake?" My mother would say, "There's no cake." This happened many times.

    Kikuko: When I was in college, I rated the candies and snacks that I ate. I always gave it some number of stars, with five stars being the perfect score.

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