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  • 瑠璃色アクアリウム - 1995.11.17

    Family Sentai Kazokuman no Theme (Inoue Kikuko)
    The opening was the first track from the Manbou Housoukyoku CD.

    This broadcast was a special on the CD, that went on sale that day.

    Kikuko: I'll talk about why I wanted to make this CD. Before this Ruri Iro Aquarium, there was a program called Twilight Syndrome. I had received many letters from listeners very far away. They said that there is a lot of noise and it was hard to hear, but they will try their best. There were a lot of these, and I wanted to find a way to let everyone listen to the radio without all of the noise. So that's why we decided to make this CD.

    Kikuko: This Manbou Housoukyoku CD is set up just like a radio show. We wondered what to put on the CD, and when they asked me about the drama portion, I said that I wanted to do a samurai drama. I also wanted to do a sentai story, and it was decided to do that. Also we put in CMs and weather reports and such. Then I can play a lot of roles and it would be fun.

    Then she played a little bit of Umiushi-kun.

    Kikuko: Who was that!? It's so embarrassing. When I was wondering what kind of voice umiushi-kun would have, that's what I thought of. It was hard to do because I would start laughing. Now that I listen to it, it does sound like what Crayon Shin-chan would sound like when he grows up.

    Kikuko: The most difficult one was the drama portion. I did eight roles. It's a transformation hero story. It was difficult doing all of the roles, from the father to the bad guys. But it was more fun than difficult.

    Then she played a little bit from the Family Sentai Kazokuman drama.

    After the drama portion, Kikuko kept talking in the voices of the characters in the drama! This part was very funny! [The Japanese script is included below.]

    Then Kikuko talked about the characters that she did.

    Kikuko: I'm sorry. The main character is the 17 year old Kikko. She's a high school student, a genki girl who fights against evil. She was the easiest for me to do. Of course, that's to be expected.
    Kikuko: Next is Hiroshi-kun. "ぼくはね.. (Boku ha ne..)" He's a genki boy. I don't have many boy's roles, so I was a little worried. But I was very happy. I always want to do a boy's role, but nobody gives them to me. So it was fun doing Hiroshi.
    Kikuko: Next is Miki. "あたしは大変だったの.. (Atashi ha taihen datta no..)" Miki was hard to do. When I do Miki-chan, it starts getting close to father's voice. How old is Miki? She's about 4 or 5, and she still talks with a little baby language.
    Kikuko: Takuya is a baby. "ばぶう, ばぶう.. (babuu, babuu..)" It's so nice to be a baby, they don't have any worries. I wonder who decided that a baby says babuu.
    Kikuko: As anyone knows, the father is like.. Kitarou. It's very close. It was hard to do, so I said "Kitarou" before saying the lines, and had them cut that part out.
    Kikuko: The mother didn't appear.

    Then she played Family Sentai Kazokuman no Theme.

    Kikuko: How was this special? I was a little nervous. I've been a seiyuu for eight years now. I still have a lot to learn and I want to keep doing this. But I think I put everything that I can put into it at this moment.

    Kikuko: Also the pictures on this CD are a little different from the usual me.

    The parts Kikuko said in their character voices is as follows.

    父:     今日の所はここまでじゃ。
    喜久子: おとうさんひどい, あたしが活躍するとこまで聞かせてよ。
    ひろし: おねえちゃんはいいから僕のカッコイイとこ聞かせて欲しいな。
    美紀:   わたしも。
    拓也:   ばぶう。
    父:     兄弟喧嘩はみぐるしいぞ。 ワシをみならうのじゃ。
     どんな時も落ち着いている。 それがヒーローって言うものじゃ。
    ひろし: みないたくてもちっちゃ過ぎて見えないよ。
    喜久子: ひろし, ひどいこと言わないの。
    父:     とにかく自己紹介じゃ。
    喜久子: 長女の喜久子17才です。
     [きっこさん笑いだす. ^_^]
    ひろし: 俺ひろし5年生さ。
    美紀:   私の名前は美紀, 幼稚園に行ってまちゅ。
    拓也:   ばぶう。
    喜久子: 拓也はまだ赤ちゃんなの。
    ひろし: で, これから一体なにするの?
    父:     ワシが自己紹介してないぞ。
    喜久子: さあ, ドラマの反省会でもするんじゃないの?
    父:     ワシの名は井上..
    美紀:   わたち反省しゅるようなことちてないもん。
    父:     世界でも有名な..
     [きっこさん: あぁ, 美紀ちゃんと似ちゃった.]
    父:     世界でも有名な科学者。
    拓也:   ばぶう。
    ひろし: じゃ帰ろうか。
    父:     だまらっしゃい!
    喜久子: おとうさん, 小さいのに大きい声出さないでよ。
    ひろし: びっくりするだろう。
    父:     すまん, いやすまんのはお前達じゃ。
    喜久子: じゃあたしからね。

    [Ruri Iro Aquarium]

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