Ruri Iro Aquarium Special


Media Remoras MRCA-20085
2800 yen
released 1996.03.21
total time is around 68 minutes.

This CD is a talk CD by Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子), done in a format of a radio show.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Totsuzen Best 5 Tabemono hen (とつぜんベスト5たべもの編)
  2. Saisho no Talk (さいしょのトーク)
  3. Oneechan ni Kike- (おねぇちゃんにきけぇ〜)
  4. Rusuden Message (るすでんめっせーじ)
  5. Omairi (おまいり)
  6. Konna Seihin ha Iyada & Ureshiii (こんなせーひんはいやだ&うれしい)
  7. Mezamashi Message (めざましめっせーじ)
  8. Totsugeki Oshuuji (とつげきおしゅうじ)
  9. Automatic Story Maker (おーとーまてぃっくすとーりーめーかー)
  10. Ganbare Message (がんばれめっせーじ)
  11. Adlib Song (あどりぶそんぐ)
  12. Family Sentai Kazokuman episode 2 (「ファミリー戦隊カゾクマン」第2話)
  13. Kazokuman Rusuden Message (カゾクマンるすでんめっせーじ)
  14. Totsuzen Best 5 Shiawase hen (とつぜんベスト5しあわせ編)
  15. Oshimai no Talk (おしまいのトーク)
  16. Bahahaai (ばっははーい)
The front cover has Kikuko wearing a blue kimono. (There is a lot of computer processing done to the picture to make the cover, so it's not a very clear picture..)

The back cover has a side-view picture of Kikuko wearing the kimono. (This picture is larger and more clear than the front cover.)

There are several more pictures inside of Kikuko wearing two different kimonos.

This CD is set up like a radio show, with various different corners and drama and such.

Best 5 Tabemono

Kikuko's 5 favorite foods are:
  • 5. sukiyaki - it's a happy dish.
  • 4. mochi - I love the sticky, soft feel of mochi. I like all kinds of mochi.
  • 3. banana toast - There are two types. 1) put mayonaise on top of the bread, then put banana slices on it and toast. 2) put crunchy peanut butter on the bread, then put banana slices on it and toast. both are delicious.
  • 2. salad - I love salad. I eat salad at least once a day. I love vegetables.
  • 1. cake - I like all cakes. But chocolate cake is the best, because it's so delicious.

Rusuden Message

There are some answering machine messages. Kikuko talks in her normal voice, an adult voice, in a voice like an operator, and another normal voice.

Mezamashi Message

There are some wake up messages. Kikuko talks in a normal genki voice, a soft gengle song (actually will make one sleep instead of waking them up), and a morning kiss.

Ganbare Message

There are some cheer up messages.

Family Sentai Kazokuman episode 2

In the previous episode (Family Sentai Kazokuman, on the Manbou Housoukyoku CD), the evil organization Doarudar (どあるだー) kidnapped professor Inoue's wife, as they were looking for the medicine bijo no moto (the source of pretty women). But they couldn't defeat the Inoue family.

Then Doarudar found out that professor Inoue's ancestors had also discovered this medicine. So they decided to go back in time to get the medicine from Inoue's ancestors.

Okiku was cooking. Hiroshi and Miki told her to hurry up with the cooking. Okiku told her younger brother or sister to go wake up their father, but Hiroshi said that he had been up late the previous night working on some invention (as usual). Then there was some strange noise outside.

The Doarudar time machine had arrived in the Edo Period. Okiku, Hiroshi, Miki, and Takuya went out to look at the time machine that was floating in the air.

Then professor Inoue came out. Bokerar use dhte miniaturizer beam to shrink professor Inoue. The president (of Doarudar) got upset at Bokerar. She said that now it would be the same as the present day, and they wouldn't be able to find Inoue because he was so small. She sent Bokerar and Tsukkomii out to get the professor. She then used the giant beam to turn Bokerar and Tsukkomii into a huge monster.

Monster: We want the bijo no moto, that's supposed to make any girl pretty.
Hiroshi: Did you invent the bijo no moto?
father: Yeah, it's my greatest invention.
Miki: You made something like that?
father: Yeah, Okiku was drinking it two days ago.
Hiroshi: Then it doesn't work at all.

Bokerar and Tsukkomii also said that the bijo no moto doesn't work.

Okiku got mad.
Okiku: Isn't there any way to beat them up?
father: Transform.

The president ordered the monster to kill the Inoue family.

The Inoue kids transformed (red, blue, pink, yellow). But the kids were still too small to fight against the giant monster. Then father told Okiku to call the magical mecha. It was a giant wooden robot. Father told the kids to go control the robot. But Miki found a string and pulled it. Then the wooden robot fell down and smashed the nearby castle.

The Inoue family tried the fireworks attack, but the monster avoided it.

Then another time machine arrived. It was the Inoue family from the present in the Kazoku Robot. Then the Inoue families started arguing.

old Hiroshi: You're fakes of us.
old father: Fakes!
Hiroshi: No, we came from the future.
father: From the future!
Okiku: You're not going to trick us. You're with them.
old father: We won't get tricked.
Kikuko: That's not it. We came to help you.
father: We came to help.
old Miki: Fake ones.
old father: Fakes!
Miki: We're real.
father: We're real.
old Takuya: Babu.
old father: Babu.
Takuya: Babu.
father: Babu.
Okiku: Father, shut up.
Kikuko: Father, shut up.

The monster: Let's fight already.
Kikuko: Stay out of this!
Hiroshi: This is our problem!
old Hiroshi: Let's fight to decide which of us is real.
Hiroshi: There is no real or fake.
old father: Wa! Fake Takuya, what are you doing!
Kikuko: Takuya, don't put things into your mouth.
Miki: So dirty.

The president told Bokerar and Tsukkomii to go. She wanted to fight on another day.

Kazokuman Rusuden Message

There were some more messages for the answering machine. Kikuko does the voices of Okiku, the president of Doarudar, professor Inoue, and Takuya (just going "Babu").

Best 5 Shiawase

The 5 things that make Kikuko the happiest are:
  • 5. sitting in the sun doing nothing - It feels like I'm on a cloud and I feel happy.
  • 4. when a baby smiles - When I'm on a train and I see a baby on a mother's back, I try to make funny faces so that the baby laughs. When the baby really laughs, I'm very happy.
  • 3. when I'm swimming - To me swimming feels better than walking on land. I love swimming.
  • 2. When I'm reading letters from fans - When I have time on my days off, I read the letters from fans. When I'm felling a little tired and I read the nice messages from the fans, I get rejuvinated and feel very happy.
  • 1. floating in the ocean singing - I love swimming in the ocean. But after swimming for a while, I float on my back and stare at the ocean and sing. There are many songs, but this is the most happiest moment.


The final track (around 6 minutes long) has Kikuko counting sheep. 1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep... all the way to 100. Then at the end, she says, "Oh, I forgot. 5 sheep. Oyasuminasai."

Kikuko had skipped sheep number 5.

my opinions

This is the best in the Manbou Housoukyoku CD series.

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