Penki (Uchida Maaya)

released 2015.12.02
4500 yen+tax

This CD+BD+photobook package contains the first solo album by Uchida Maaya (内田真礼).

The CD tracks are as follows.

  1. Hello, 1st Contact!
  2. Gimme! Revolution (ギミー!レボリューション)
  3. Karappo Capsule (からっぽカプセル)
  4. Craft Sweet Heart (クラフト スイート ハート)
  5. Distorted World
  6. North Child
  7. Soushou Innocence (創傷イノセンス)
  8. Winter has Come
  9. Watashi no Stage (わたしのステージ)
  10. Takanari no Solfege (高鳴りのソルフェージュ)
  11. Sekai ga Katachinaku Shitemo (世界が形失くしても)
  12. Kiniro no Yuuki (金色の勇気)
  13. Hello, Future Contact!

The lyrics booklet is 28 pages, all color, and contains many photos of Maaya.

The BD (bluray disc) contains the following promo videos, and "making of" videos.

  1. Hello, 1st Contact!
  2. ギミー! レボリューション
  3. からっぽカプセル
  4. 創傷イノセンス
  5. 世界が形失くしても
  6. Hello, Future Contact!
  7. [making] 世界が形失くしても
  8. [making] Hello, Future/1st Contact!
  9. [off shot] 世界が形失くしても
  10. [off shot] Hello, Future Contact!

This package also comes with a photobook, which is 44 pages, all color. The photobook contains new photos for this album, but also includes some photos from the previous CD releases.

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