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  • Cheer Ruga!

    Cheer Ruga! (チアルーガ!)
    Nonaka Ai (野中藍)

    KIZM-9 (CD)
    KIZM-10 (DVD)
    released 2007.08.08
    1890 yen

    This CD+DVD package contains the fourth single by Nonaka Ai.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. チアルーガ!
    2. ハッピー☆マテリアル (aipon type)
    3. チアルーガ! (off vocal)
    4. ハッピー☆マテリアル (off vocal)
    Cheer Ruga! is an upbeat song with some rap. This is one of my favorite songs of all time.

    Happy Material is a cover of the Mahou-sensei Negima OP.

    The DVD contains a promo video of Cheer Ruga. EXTREMELY cute video! This is one of my favorite PVs of all time.

    This CD comes with a ticket to send in for Nonaka Ai's "Triple Release" events in December 2007 (Osaka 12/8, Nagoya 12/9, Tokyo 12/16).

    The tickets are included in the following three CDs.

    Unfortunately, I didn't get a ticket to the Tokyo event.. (;_;)
    They sent out a postcard with a picture of Ai crying to those who didn't get a ticket.

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