Namida no Kiseki

Namida no Kiseki (ナミダノキセキ)
Nonaka Ai (野中藍)

released 2008.03.12
3500 yen

This CD+DVD package contains the third solo album by Nonaka Ai (野中藍).

The first press of this CD comes with a DVD containing a promo video for the song "Amanojaku".

The tracks of the CD are as follows.

  1. CACAO85
  2. あ・り・え・な・い! (Arienai)
  3. アマノジャク (Amanojaku)
  4. Maybe?
  5. 恋のミュージアム (Koi no Museum)
  7. チアルーガ! (Cheer Ruga)
  8. ひとりぼっち (Hitoribocchi)
  9. キラリ (Kirari)
  10. ウレシ泣キ (Ureshinaki)
  11. どんなときだって (Donna Toki Datte)
  12. [secret track] ありがとう (Arigatou)
There is a cardboard case that holds the plastic CD+DVD case. The cardboard case and regular CD case have different front and back photos.

The 24 page color lyrics booklet has several large color photos of Ai.

Cheer Ruga!, Koi no Museum, and Ureshinaki had been previously released as singles in 2007.

The last track is over 7 minutes, with the first part being the song "Donna Toki Datte". Then there are a couple minutes of silence, and the song "Arigatou".

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