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  • Ameagari no Mirai

    Ameagari no Mirai

    released 2010.06.23
    1200 yen

    This CD contains the opening song to the PSP game Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 1.5 (探偵オペラミルキィホームズ).

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Ameagari no Mirai (雨上がりのミライ)
    2. Kikoenakutemo Arigatou (聞こえなくてもありがとう)
    3. Ameagari no Mirai (off vocal)
    4. kikoenakutemo Arigatou (off vocal)
    Songs by the four detectives, cast as follows.

    Sherlock ShellingfordMimori Suzuko
    Cordelia GlaucaKitta Izumi
    Hercule BartonSasaki Mikoi
    Yuzurizaki NeroTokui Sora

    At the release of this CD, the four seiyuu still didn't use the seiyuu group name Milky Holmes.

    The first press of this CD comes with four Weiss Schwarz cards (all the same). One of the cards has a stamped signature by one of the seiyuu.

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