Milky Holmes CDs

The following are some of the CDs that have been released for the TV anime Tantei Opera Milky Holmes (探偵オペラミルキィホームズ), and the Milky Holmes games.

date CD
2010.06.23 Ameagari no Mirai
2010.10.27 Seikai ha Hitotsu! Janai!!
2010.12.22 Milky Show Time
2011.04.06 Colourful Garden
2011.08.24 To-gather
2012.01.25 Nazo Nazo Happiness!
2012.05.09 Blooom!
2012.08.29 Prologue ha Ashitairo
2012.10.24 Kimi no Naka no Watashi
2013.09.04 Glory Growing Days
2014.04.30 Bouken Milkyroad!
2014.11.26 Overdrive!
2018.10.17 Mainichi Climax

Most of the songs by the seiyuu group Milky Holmes.

[Milky Holmes CDs]

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