Love no Densetsu

Flower Children: Love no Densetsu

2500 yen
released 1998.5.21
length 25:02

Flower Children is a seiyuu group made up of Yokoyama Chisa (Һ) and Toyoguchi Megumi.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Tatoeba Aidayone (album remix)
  2. Hamburger
  3. Love no Densetsu
  4. Yurusenai Ai
  5. Arabian
  6. Ai Jyanai
CD comes in one of those cardboard things with a plastic bit to hold the CD. Most photos in the booklet have them wearing a short tartan skirt with various tops. They seem to be having trouble with their hair ^_^;;

Overall, I think their voices work well together, and the songs are on the cute side of average. But there isn't quite enough there to make it particularly special.

[information provided by Mad Mackerel]