Oneechan to Issho 1 Gatsugou


Pony Canyon PCCG-00371
1200 yen
around 69 minutes
released 1996.12.16


Kikuko was so happy that she wanted to jump around like a rabbit. So she ended her sentences with ぴょん (pyon).

Hitori shiritori

Kikuko played shiritori by herself, and she commented on the words that she came up with.

りす (risu = squirrel)
Kikuko: Squirrels are cute. A sea otter is similar to a squirrel, and my real older sister is like a sea otter too. When I go to the aquarium, I wonder why my sister is there pounding the shells.

レクエスト (request)
Kikuko: Thank you to all of the people who sent in letters.

とうもろこし (toumorokoshi = corn)
Kikuko: I like corn, but it does get caught in my teeth. A corn is like life. There are fun times, but there are also times when things are tough.

しまうま (shimauma = zebra)
Is it white on black or black on white?

まんぼう (manbou)
Kikuko felt thankful that there are manbou. She made up a song and sang, while playing her bells and such.

Kikuko also answered the question from the previous CD. The maracas was shaped like a banana.

Song corner

This is the corner where Kikuko reads the letters to decide which song she will sing in the next CD. The song that Kikuko chooses will be written by the next month, but it will be a demo tape version. Then at the end of the year, all of the complete songs, with full music arrangement, will be put on a CD.

Someone requested a お正月のうた (Oshougatsu no Uta = Song for the New Year). Kikuko said that this was a song that she can make up herself, and not something that she needs Kawai Kenji and Hasegawa Sora to make for her. So Kikuko made up the おぞうにのうた (Ozouni no Uta) and the おもちのうた (Omochi no Uta).
[ozouni is a traditional Japanese dish, eaten at the New Year.]

Kikuko: Oh, this Omochi no Uta is almost the same as the Ozouni no Uta.

Kikuko said that if she can have one wish, she would want to be turned into a han gyojin [half a fish, half a human] Then Kikuko sang the 半魚人のうた (Han Gyojin no Uta).

Kikuko read a letter by Mr. Ono Toshio, and made up a song about what to do when one gets a stomach ache.

Kikuko: I receive letters saying that people have seen me at a certain train station or so. You can come up to me and say, "Onee-chan!"

Then Kikuko chose a song for the next CD. It was a song for the preparation dance for Thai kick boxing.

Kikuko: I think there's a better chance to get chosen if you suggest a song that I can't write.

Since this was the first CD, there wasn't a song. So Kikuko played Doki Doki Wendenyan, the OP song to this series. She played the whole song, around 4:20.

Kikuko: This is the first time that I used English in a song title. It's an international debut!

Hisakawa Aya

Then Hisakawa Aya (久川綾) came into the studio.

Aya introduced herself as Inoue Kikuko.

Then Kikuko tried to do Aya, but it wasn't very good.. (^_^;)

Kikuko said that Aya had called her, and put a message in her answering machine as Tange Sakura. Kikuko thought it was Sakura at Aya's house. Kikuko tried to do a little bit of Sakura too.

Aya said that she had come to sell her CD.

They played Obentou no Uta.. but the volume was pretty low. This song was written by Kikuko for Aya.

Then Kikuko and Aya talked about some of the other songs on the CD. They kept playing the song in the background.

Kikuko and Aya talked a little bit about undoukai (athletic festival).

Aya wanted to play her Kigurumi Tai ga Yuku, but she ran out of time, so Aya left. She said that her Marching Aya CD will go on sale 1997.01.08.

Kikuko said that she would play Aya's song for her, and played a little bit of the song.

Oyatsu no Jikan

Kikuko ate an oshiruko. Kikuko was happy, but it was a little cool..

Each month Kikuko will eat the food that's on the cover of the CD.

Then Kikuko made a song about oshiruko.


Kikuko went back to shiritori.

コスプレ (cosplay)
Kikuko: Cosplay is fun!

ボーリング (bowling)
Kikuko isn't that good at bowling. She isn't concered about the score. She's happy when it doesn't roll into the gutter.

Then Kikuko continued playing shiritori until the end.

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