Oneechan to Issho 11 Gatsugou


Pony Canyon PCCG-00381
1223 yen (with 5% tax)
around ?? minutes
released 1997.11.06

Kikuko apologized for the delay for this CD to go on sale. This CD was supposed to go on sale 10/17, but it went on sale 11/7. Then Kikuko said, "Let's do an 'oi oi'".

One of the listeners sent in lyrics to the July song, as that was a song that Sora couldn't come up with lyrics for. So Kikuko sang that one, called Mai Hime. [track 3]

This month, for the "Kikuko goes outside" corner, Kikuko went to the supermarket. She was given 1000 yen to buy whatever she wanted. But she ended up spending 1012 yen.

The food this month was cotton candy, and Kikuko made that with a cotton candy machine and a wooden chopstick that she bought at the supermarket.

Kikuko sang the song of the month, Bokura no Mikata da, Oneechan, which was something similar to old TV anime openings. [track 8]

Then Kikuko read some letters.

In track 9, Kikuko did a LOT of different voices/laughs. (There was a request for it.) You can really hear her range in voices. Kikuko did a very high laugh, a boyish one, some childish ones, a "joshikousei" one, a motherly one, and an old woman one. But Kikuko couldn't do an old man voice well.
[This is one of the best tracks on all of the Oneechan to Issho CDs.]

Kikuko read letters and sang songs.

One of the songs was a song to a crow, that she sang in the language of the crow. (Kaa.. kaa.. kaa..)

The "chosen" song for next month was a Christmas song.

Then Kikuko played shiritori by herself for around 10 minutes.

Kikuko said she likes low pillows. Kikuko's older sister sleeps without a pillow, because she doesn't want to get wrinkles on her neck. Kikuko tried it (no pillow) but she couldn't sleep that way.

Kikuko read an advertisement for the GFC Best CD and video.

Also the December CD will go on sale 12/3. There will be a special version that comes with a vinyl display case, which can hold all 12 of the CDs. This version will be 2000 yen, and will only be available with the first edition.

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