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  • Shin Kayou Zenshu III: Sakura Taisen 5th Song Show

    Shin Kayou Zenshu III: Sakura Taisen 5th Song Show

    Avex Records AVCA-14180
    Released 2001.07.01
    ???? yen

    This is the soundtrack for the fifth musical for Sakura Taisen.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Hanagumi Revue
      (Teikoku Kagekidan)
    2. Bus wa Yuku Yuku Yume Nosete
      (Orikasa Ai & Sonooka Shintarou)
    3. Lamune no Uta
      (Nishihara Kumiko)
    4. Shiawase na Yume
      (Tomizawa Michie)
    5. Kangaeru Ashi
      (Kirishima Kanna, Fuchizaki Yuriko, Nishihara Kumiko)
    6. Kuchizusamu Uta
      (Yokoyama Chisa)
    7. Umi no Utage, Hana no Utage
      (Orikasa Ai, Okamoto Maya, Nishihara Kumiko)
    8. Kono Shomotsu wa
      (Fuchizaki Yuriko)
    9. Yoru no Kurage
      (Yokoyama Chisa, Tomizawa Michie, Ikura Kazue)
    10. Subete wa Umi e
      (Yokoyama Chisa & Takano Urara)

    [information provided by Emily K.]

    This is the soundtrack for the fifth musical, Kaijin Bessou -- reportedly also the last musical that the series will have (this is different from the song shows; those are performances and this is a musical with original songs).

    The cover has Sakura and Maria decked out in their play's costume (they are the two lead characters) under the sea. Very pretty. ^_^

    Very disappointing that Reni only sings on one song. -_- Same with Kanna and Orihime...

    Sakura and Maria's song is very notable and gorgeous; very full-sounding. Iris's lamune song is very cute. Kaede and Dandy Boss's song is very catchy and a nice catchy almost pop-like tune with an orchestral jazzy undertone. My favorite "wacky" song, however, is Kaede, Orihime, and Iris's song. It's just a queer song that mixes techno, a very vague enka flavor, and odd styles. ^^;

    The voices are as follows.

    SakuraYokoyama Chisa
    SumireTomizawa Michie
    MariaTakano Urara
    KannaTanaka Mayumi
    IrisNishihara Kumiko
    KohranFuchizaki Yuriko
    OrihimeOkamoto Maya
    ReniIkura Kazue
    KaedeOrikasa Ai

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