Kiseki no Kane / Subete ha Umi he

Sakura Taisen Katsudou Shashin Gekijouban:
Kiseki no Kane / Subete wa Umi e

Avex AVCA-14248
Released 2001.11.21
1260 yen

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Kiseki no Kane
    [Teikoku Kagekidan]
  2. Subete wa Umi e
    [Yokoyama Chisa & Kuno Akiko]
  3. Kiseki no Kane (Original Karaoke)
  4. Subete wa Umi e (Original Karaoke)
  5. Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan
    [Teikoku Kagekidan]

[information provided by Emily K.]

The Teikoku Kagekidan cast is as follows.

SakuraYokoyama Chisa
SumireTomizawa Michie
MariaTakano Urara
KannaTanaka Mayumi
IrisNishihara Kumiko
KohranFuchizaki Yuriko
OrihimeOkamoto Maya
ReniIkura Kazue
RachetteKuno Akiko

The cover has Sakura and Rachette back-to-back; Rachette holding her claw-looking weapons. Their border are circles with the other Teikoku Kagekidan members' heads in them.

This is a great CD single; I highly recommend to any Sakura Taisen fan. These are the movie versions of the original song, and they are all rendered beautifully -- whether it is change in the music or change in singer.

This version of "Kiseki no Kane" is much more regal and features this grand orchestra within it, along with a professional choir singing along, not little kids who sing, like it did on the original, giving it an even more holiday-esque feeling (they even took out that "lalala" part). It is missing that odd Iesu-sama introduction from the original, though -- but not a major loss. The orchestra and choir gives it a much richer sound, if a tad slower than the original, and I prefer this movie version over the original.

And yes, the seiyuu re-recorded this. I love how Fuchizaki Yuriko [Kohran] sounds in this than the original... her voice sounds very husky. ^_^ After the first half of this song, there is a very cool orchestra interlude that feels as if it is right out of a play or something. ^^; My only complaint is that Okamoto Maya sounded very... weak in her solo. Maybe timid is a better word?

Originally, "Subete wa Umi e" is from the Kaijin Bessou play and performed by Yokoyama Chisa [Sakura] and Takano Urara [Maria]. However, Rachette performs with Sakura... Kuno Akiko, as Rachette, sounds gorgeous. ^_^ She's a veteran theater actress, and her skills really shine in this ong. Her voice sounds a lot like Ikura Kazue's [Reni], IMHO. It's a gorgeous orchestrated ballad that's very sad. Chisa takes the harmonizing vocals in this when singing with Akiko, when in the original, Urara took the harmonizing vocals.

Of course, there is some unwritten law stating that on every single piece of Sakura Taisen music release, "Gekitei" must be on. ^_^; This is the same as the Kai version... I'm not sure if it is re-recorded or not, I haven't listened to the Kai version in a long time. ^_^; (I don't think it is.) Too bad that only Urara, Michie, and Chisa have solos... ^^;

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