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  • Sky Girls Character Best Album

    Sky Girls Character Best Album

    released 2008.01.23
    3059 yen

    This is a CD containing image songs for the TV anime Sky Girls.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. 夢の名前 (Sakurano Otoha)
    2. 明日へ繋がる空 (Sonomiya Karen)
    3. I'll Never Lose (Ichijou Eika)
    4. Gallop 〜ペガサスのように〜 (Elise Von Deitrich)
    5. Zoom Up! (Hayami Takumi)
    6. The First Star (Fujieda Nanae)
    7. 記憶〜形なき証〜 (Aiisha)
    8. Dreamin' Bird (Sakurano Otoha)
    9. Youthful Days (Elise Von Deitrich)
    10. 金色の風 (Ichijou Eika)
    11. Sweet Revolution (Sonomiya Karen)
    One of the songs by Otoha ( Kawasumi Ayako (川澄綾子) ), Elise (Tsuji Ayumi), Eika (Itou Shizuka), and Karen (Gotou Saori) are the same songs as in the Sky Girls Character Mini Album 1 CD and Sky Girls Character Mini Album 2 CD. In addition to the four main girls, there are songs by Takumi ( Shiraishi Ryouko (白石涼子) ), Nanae ( Horie Yui (堀江由衣) ), and Aiisha (Kataoka Azusa).

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