Tenchi Muyou! Heartful Songs

Tenchi Muyo! Heartful Songs

released 1996.12.21
3000 yen

This CD contains vocals for Tenchi Muyou.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. VERY NICE BOY (Tabi Tatsu Toki) (Tenchi Muyo! Cast)
  2. Watashi no Bodyguard (Mizutani Yuko)
  3. Dai-san Gakushou: Waltz (Fuyu no Umi) (Amano Yuri)
  4. Delicious Kibuun (Takada Yumi)
  5. Horoyoi Kibuun no Komori Uta (Orikasa Ai)
  6. Shogetteru Cinderella (Kozakura Etsuko)
  7. Honto Dayo! (Yokoyama Chisa)
  8. TAKE BACK (Kobayashi Yuko)
  9. Kitto... (Kikuchi Masami)
  10. Hoshi Matsuri (Tenchi Muyo! Cast)
Songs by Mizutani Yuko (ëͥ), Amano Yuri (ŷͳ), Takada Yumi (ͳ), Orikasa Ai (޳ް), Kozakura Etsuko (Ļ), Yokoyama Chisa (Һ), Kobayashi Yuko (ͥ), Kikuchi Masami ().

Overall, this is one of those really great anime CDs, especially for these series. Kikuchi Masami created this album in general -- he wrote all the lyrics, he wrote all the music, and produced this album. The results were very satisfying, with minor disappointments.

VERY NICE BOY (Tabi Tatsu Toki)

A rock group song. Interesting harmony line-up. The last syllable of a person's word is the first syllable of another person's word (there's a Japanese game like this, I remember playing it). Kobayashi Yuko and Amano Yuri have a very cool duet in here... it's hard to tell Kozakura Etsuko and Yokoyama Chisa apart, however.

Watashi no Bodyguard

A nice mellow and acoustic tone that Mihoshi sings. It's a nice change from her "Taiho wo Kaze ni Makasete!" techno tune, although you may not picture Mihoshi singing this gentle song. ^_^;

Dai-san Gakushou: Waltz (Fuyu no Umi) [Kiyone no Image]

A fully orchestrated sad ballad. It's a great classical movement, and it seems to fit Kiyone's image. Amano Yuri does very well in this song... very pretty.

Delicious Kibuun [Aeka no Image]

This is a fun song -- a _really_ nice change from all of Aeka's other pop songs and this fits Takada Yumi much better. This is about Aeka wanting to cook for Tenchi. ^_^; It's a fun song about food... a great comedic break from Kiyone's dramatic track and a nice break from the next track which is...

Horoyoi Kibuun no Komori Uta [Ryoko no Image]

Gorgeous jazz song -- as always, Orikasa Ai sings her jazz best. It's rather a serious tone for Ryoko so seems a bit odd for her, but Ai sings it very well. My only complaint was that it was just a little long...

Shogetteru Cinderella [Ryo-ohki no Image]

A very cute song based on the Cinderella fairy tale. This is perfect for Kozakura Etsuko; not even Yokoyama Chisa could pull this off this cutely.

Honto Dayo! [Sasami no Image]

Unfortunately, Yokoyama Chisa gets gypped of a _real_ song. This one is just sheer cuteness without too much back-up music either. But it's a cute song. Chisa fans will probably be disappointed, though (I was!).

TAKE BACK [Washu no Image]

Washu gets a very fun song! This is a rock/pop tune and aggressive (not as much as "Very Nice Boy" though, but in the same sense). And finally, it's not about science... ^_^; Kobayashi Yuko does this song very well... Washu fans will definitely like this change of pace.

Kitto... [Kikuchi Masami]

The CD wraps up the character vocals with Kikuchi Masami singing a rather gentle song for Tenchi. It's actually rather pretty, and I don't think any other male seiyuu except Masami can actually pull off this kind of ballad. This is perhaps Masami's best song for this series.

Hoshi Matsuri

This is an interesting group song that's very pretty. It seems like it's right out of Paper Mario or Kirby soundtrack... It's very mysterious. Each character sings with another in their solos. One of my favorite group songs. The harmonies are blended in _very_ well, it's a little confusing to figure them out a first. Mizutani Yuko, interestingly enough, uses her normal voice and not her Mihoshi voice for this song.

Overall, this is one of the best Tenchi CDs I have heard. It's chock full of gorgeous songs. For vocals, "Dai-san Gakushou," "Horoyoi Kibuun," and "Take Back" are the top three best. "Delicious Kibuun" and "Shogetteru Cinderella" are the more entertaining the ones. And the two group songs are better. The other songs aren't anything special. At any rate, this is worth getting.

[information and comments provided by Emily K.]

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