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  • Choujin Gakuen Gowkaizer

    Choujin Gakuen Gowkaizer

    Pony Canyon PCCB-00176
    released 1995.06.21
    ???? yen
    approximately 55 minutes

    This CD contains music, voices and sound effects from the game Choujin Gakuen Gowkaizer (超人学園ゴウカイザー).

    The tracks are as follows.

      Arrange Version:
    1. 全開戦士ゴウカイザー (Full-Throttle Soldier Gowkaizer)
      Original Versions:
    2. 愛ゴウカイザー (Love Gowkaizer) (Opening)
    3. 愛ゴウカイザー (Love Gowkaizer) (Title)
    4. カイザービート (Kaizer Beat)
    5. 全開戦士ゴウカイザー (Full-Throttle Soldier Gowkaizer)
    6. 勝ちました・・・ (You Won...)
    7. Come On Baby! (Captain Atlantis Theme)
    8. 月光寄譚 (Strange Moonlight) (Fudoumaru Theme)
    9. Psycho Eyes (Hellstinger Theme)
    10. 崩れる砂 (Collapsing Sand) (Shigure Kyousuke Theme)
    11. 負けるな変身番長ブライダー (Losing Disguised Leader Brider) (Brider Theme)
    12. 勇者の背中 (Hero's Back) (Middle Demo)
    13. わたしが相手だ (I am an Opponent) (Trespassing Mood)
    14. 天晴娘々大冒険 (Splendid Girl's Great Adventure) (Karin Theme)
    15. ハートジャックに恋して (Love to Heart Jack) (Shaia Theme)
    16. 暗龍演舞 (Quarrel Dance) (Shenron Theme)
    17. FACTORY MARION (Marion Theme)
    18. W.JUNGLE (Platonic Twins Theme)
    19. KENGORYTHM (Last Boss Theme)
    20. キンコンカンコン (Kinkonkankon) (Ending 1)
    21. 超人への道 (Road to Superman) (Ending 2)
    22. 野望 (Ambition) (Ending 3)
    23. やっぱり愛ってさぁ・・・ (Of Course "Love", Come) (Staff Roll)
    24. 炎の10カウント (Flame's 10 Count) (Continue)
    25. 立て!立つんだゴー (Stand! Because You Stand, Go) (Game Over)
      Voice and Sound Effect Collection:
    26. ゴウカイザー (Gowkaizer) Voice
    27. キャプテン・アトランティス (Captain Atlantis) Voice
    28. 不動丸 (Fudoumaru) Voice
    29. ヘルスティンガー (Hellstinger) Voice
    30. 紫紅京介 (Shigure) Voice
    31. ブライダー (Brider) Voice
    32. 華鈴 (Karin) Voice
    33. シャイア (Shaia) Voice
    34. 神龍 (Shenron) Voice
    35. マリオン (Marion) Voice
    36. プラトニック・ツインズ (Platonic Twins) Voice
    37. 王牙 (Last Boss) Voice
    38. ナレーター (Narrator) Voice
    39. Sound Effects Collection
    The cast of Gowkaizer is as follows.

    GowkaizerHiyama Nobuyuki
    KarinSakurai Tomo
    HellstingerMidorikawa Hikaru
    Shigure KyousukeOkiayu Ryoutarou
    Captain AtlantisIshikawa Hideo
    FudoumaruOkiayu Ryoutarou
    BriderOhbari Masami
    ShaiaTouma Yumi
    ShenronYara Yuusaku
    MarionKouno Yoshiyuki
    Asahina RyouIshikawa Hideo
    Asahina SuzuNagashima Yuko
    Last BossHayami Sho

    [Information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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