K-On2 Character CD Rankings

All of the K-On2 (K-On!!) related character CD singles placed very highly in the Oricon Daily Singles Rankings.

Date Hirasawa Yui Akiyama Mio
2010.09.20 2nd 1st
2010.09.21 4th 5th
2010.09.22 6th 5th
2010.09.23 6th 7th
2010.09.24 5th 6th
2010.09.25 8th 7th
2010.09.26 7th 8th
2010.09.27 9th 8th
2010.09.28 24th 23rd
2010.09.29 21st 19th
2010.09.30 18th 17th
2010.10.01 18th 20th
2010.10.02 16th 17th
2010.10.03 15th 17th
2010.10.04 16th 17th

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