K-On CDs

The following are some of the K-On (けいおん!) related CDs that have been released.

Cagayake Girls

Don't Say Lazy

Fuwa Fuwa Time

Houkago Tea Time

K-On! Official Band Yarou yo!

Go! Go! Maniac


Pure Pure Heart

Utauyo! Miracle

No, Thank You!

Gohan ha Okazu

Houkago Tea Time II

There have also been character CD singles released for the major characters for both the first series (K-On! character singles) and second series (K-On!! character singles).

Most of the songs are sung by the Sakura Kou Keionbu (桜高軽音部) (a.k.a. Houkago Tea Time).

The "Houkago Tea Time" album debuted at number 1 on the Oricon Daily Album Rankings (2009.07.21).

All of the K-On related vocal CD singles placed very highly in the Oricon Daily Singles Rankings. There are daily details of the K-On CD rankings and K-On!! CD rankings.

Some other K-On related CDs are as follows.

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