Band Yarou yo!! -Let's MUSIC!!-

K-ON!! Official Band Yarou yo!! -Let's MUSIC!!-

released 2010.05.26
1365 yen

This CD contains many instrumental versions of the opening and ending songs to the TV anime K-On!! There are no vocals on this CD.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental)
  2. GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental [-Guitar1])
  3. GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental [-Guitar2])
  4. GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental [-Keyboard])
  5. GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental [-Bass])
  6. GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental [-Drums])
  7. Listen!! (Instrumental)
  8. Listen!! (Instrumental [-Guitar1])
  9. Listen!! (Instrumental [-Guitar2])
  10. Listen!! (Instrumental [-Keyboard])
  11. Listen!! (Instrumental [-Bass])
  12. Listen!! (Instrumental [-Drums])

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