Cherry no Kyuujitsu CD-ROM


Bamboo Vision MS-015
4800 yen
released 1997.01.17


This is the CD ROM version of the picture collection of the same name by Sakurai Tomo (綵唳證). There are some images on the CD ROM which were not used in the picture collection.

This CD ROM is a hybrid ISO 9660 and Macintosh format.

There are 478 MB of data on the CD ROM, but that's mostly because the same picture is on the disk several times, in various sizes (640x480, 480x360, 80x53, 800x600) and formats (8 bit, 24 bit).

There are about 120 unique images. Some of the pictures have Tomo wearing strange outfits, that I don't like, but for the most part it is fine.

When you run this CD ROM on Windows, there is a program that plays Tomo's narration and shows the pictures. This narration is not on the disk as a WAV file.. It's probably encoded into the executable program. (;_;)

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