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  • Cherry on Holiday

    Cherry on Holiday

    3500 yen
    released 1996.08.08
    size A4, hardcover, about 75 pages
    Includes "Bye Bye Lady" drama CD in front cover

    This is a photo collection book for Sakurai Tomo ().

    Pages 1 to 23 are mostly color posed photos in the outdoors, including horse riding.

    Pages 24 to 30 are mostly color posed photos at a table.

    Pages 31 to 56 are very colorful photos with Sakurai-san modeling various outfits.

    Pages 57 to 65 are monochrome and contain photos and a transcript of the "Bye Bye Lady" drama CD.

    Pages 66 to 75 contain mostly color posed photos.

    There is also a CD-ROM of the same name that was released after this book.

    [information provided by Gary Blickhan]

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