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  • Sylph the Eternal/Kaze no Tayori CD-ROM


    Emotion Digital BCRH-0015
    5800 yen (without tax)
    released 1996.??.??


    This is the CD ROM version of the picture collection of Sylph the Eternal. There are many images on the CD ROM which were not used in the picture collection.

    This CD ROM is a hybrid ISO 9660, Macintosh, and Photo CD format.

    This CD ROM comes in a A5 sized, book-type container. The front cover has a full body picture of Junko in a red jacket, standing in the mountains.

    This CD ROM contains the following.

    • Mac/Win photo data - around 200 pictures
    • Photo CD photo data - around 200 pictures
    • making movie video - 4 movies
    • omake
      • voice data
      • BGM "Kaze no Tayori", written by Iwao Junko
      • Guu-chan screen mascot (Mac version)
      • wall paper data (Windows version)

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