Sugao no Spy Tachi

(׻, жǵ, , Һ, ϾϹ, ɹ嶳, Ĺ)

600 yen
released 1996.11.21

This is an image song for the Gall Force, sung by the seiyuu of the seven main characters of the Gall Force The Revolution OAV series. The song is the same song that was done for the first Gall Force, back in 1986.

The songs are as follows.

  1. Sugao no Spy Tachi (ǴΥѥ)
  2. Sugao no Spy Tachi [original karaoke]
Songs by Inoue Kikuko (׻), Mitsuishi Kotono (жǵ), Sakurai Tomo (), Yokoyama Chisa (Һ), Kusachi Fumie (ϾϹ), Hikami Kyoko (ɹ嶳), Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ).

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