Chihara Minori Internet broadcasts

Some of the internet that Minori has appeared in are as follows.

2016.04.21Anime Pia Channel [live]guest
2016.12.22Denpa Laboratory 15guest
2017.12.21Denpa Laboratory 39guest
2019.10.10Yoru Night x Yoru Night -Thursday-guest
2019.12.09Gorgeous@Revolution 41guest
2020.11.17Chihara Minori no Honto ni!? 4host
2020.12.17Chihara Minori no Honto ni!? 5host
2021.01.23Chihara Minori no Honto ni!? 6host
2021.02.20Chihara Minori no Honto ni!? 7host
2023.03.12Houchi Shoujo 6 Shuunen Kinen SP Namahousouguest
2023.07.27Kono Fan Live! 38host

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