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Endou Aya events

Some of the events that Aya has appeared in are as follows.

2005.11.27[14:00] DVD "Okusama ha Joshikousei" talk event in Sannomiya
2005.11.27[17:00] DVD "Okusama ha Joshikousei" talk event in Nanba
2006.01.29[18:30] Flora Idol Event in dress Tokyo Cafe
2006.12.02[19:30] Ai no Moe Maid "Plume" event Asagaya Drum
2008.02.23[19:30] Plume Monogatari
2008.05.11[14:00] Plume "Kimi to Yume to Umbrella" event Animate Yokohama
2008.05.18[13:00] Plume "Kimi to Yume to Umbrella" event Gamers Akihabara
2008.09.14[17:30/18:40] Lucky Star OVA event in Satte
2008.11.02[13:30] Endou aya talk live in Aoyama Gakuin
2009.02.14[13:05] Wonderful Hobby Life For You! 9 Sora wo Kakeru Radio public recording
2009.07.25[16:20] Hanasakeru Seishounen no Sekai talk show
2009.08.09[17:00] Young Gan Gan Fes. Anime no Okage Summer 2009
2010.02.28[16:00] Sora no Woto Matsuri SME Nogizaka
2010.06.19[23:45] Sekirei All Night Jouei/Talk Show
2010.09.05[17:00: Sekirei Aki Matsuri 2
2010.09.18[13:10] Tokyo Game Show 2010 SEGA
2010.09.19[14:10] Tokyo Game Show 2010 SEGA
2010.12.22[18:30] Macross F Choujikuu Super Live
2010.12.24[18:30] Macross F Choujikuu Super Live
2011.04.09[17:30] Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami Tribute Album event
2012.01.08[13:00/17:30] Macross Frontier Happy Nyan Year Festival in Pacifico
2012.03.31[13:40] Anime Contents Expo 2012 Red Stage Queens Blade
2012.03.31[15:00] Anime Contents Expo 2012 Nico Nico Booth
2012.08.15[13:00] Macross Gengaten talk show Seibu Ikebukuro
2012.09.02[14:30/18:00] Macross Fan Club event
2015.04.04[13:30/17:30] Macross Super Dimension Fan Club event
2015.09.19[10:30] Tokyo Game Show 2015 Star Ocean 5 stage Square Enix Booth