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  • Ichinose Sachi ()

    This may not be 100%, but the following shows the dates when you can meet up with Ichinose Sachi in the game Chocolate Kiss.

    date duration contents
    01/18 7:00 Sachi is introduced. She had been sick this week, so this is the first time that she appears.
    01/18 1:50 After school, Sachi asks where you will take Marie on Sunday's date.
    01/21 0:45 Sachi and Kira are on the school roof, discussing something in secret..
    01/22 7:00 You eat lunch outside with Marie and Sachi. Then Saeko comes along and teases Marie (and you).
    01/23 2:00 After school, Sachi gives you a report on your date with Marie. Then she spots your frog shaped pencase..
    01/24 1:50 Sachi tells you Michirou will come back.
    01/25 3:50 Sachi asks if you will give a chocolate on Valentine' Day. Then she lets out a secret.. that she's a yaoi fan!
    01/28 1:50 Sachi says that she can follow you anywhere, by using a spy satelite. She says she can crack into dangerous sites.. Then she offers you 10,000 yen if she can take a picture of you kissing Miyasaka.
    01/29 2:50 A fight breaks out in the classroom, and Sachi comes to take pictures.
    01/31 3:30 Sachi sees you in the classroom after school. You go home together, and she tells you a little about herself.
    02/01 3:20 Sachi and Kira are on the school roof, secretly showing each other various yaoi manga..
    02/01 3:20 You walk home with Marie, and you run into a depressed Sachi in the park.
    02/02 5:00 You receive a note from Sachi asking you to go to the roof. Then Miyasaka and Sachi appear.. Miyasaka had made a deal with Sachi to allow her to take pictures of them "in action". Then you return to the classroom, where Sachi tells you that she is a second level in karate.
    02/05 4:40 Sachi and Miyasaka meet you on the roof again. This time, they want you to do a simple part time job which makes a lot of money.. running on the beach naked.
    02/07 3:10 You see some boy confessing his love to Sachi. But she refuses him. After the boy leaves, she spots you. Then Sachi talks about her old feelings for Michirou.
    02/08 3:30 On the way home you meet Sachi. She asks what you will do with Marie when Michirou come back. She wants you to take Marie away from Michirou.
    02/12 2:30 You meet Sachi on the roof. She talks about the relationship between Marie, Michirou, and you.
    02/13 0:45 You meet Sachi on the roof. She tells you that she got a letter from Michirou.
    02/14 7:00 After school, Sachi apologizes to you and then give you a chocolate. This leads into the ending song, "My All".

    [Chocolate Kiss]

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