Chocolate Kiss

Chocolate Kiss

DigiCube SLPS-03400
3800 yen
released 2002.02.14

Chocolate Kiss is a love simulation (adventure) game for the Playstation. The basic story is that you (the player) have one month to get the affection of a girl so she will give you a chocolate on Valentine's Day.

You are a second year high school student in a boy's school. However the heavy snow caved in the school building, so you had to go to a nearby girl's high school for one month (January 15 to February 14). You have this month to get to know the girls better, so that on Valentine's Day, you can receive a chocolate from one of the girls.

There are nine main girls in this game. The cast of Chocolate Kiss is as follows.

main characters
Shiina MarieOhtsuka Mae
Kujou YayoiKimura Ikue
Kujou MikoShintani Sayaka
Amano AnjuMinano Fuuko
Tachibana NatsukiHinano Mayo
Iritani YukaItou Asuka
Ichinose SachiMiyanishi Noa
Kouzuki SaekoAina
Fujimoto KiraSakurai Sara
minor characters
Miyasaka KoujiIshida Akira
teacherKatou Hideki
N gageHarasawa Nobuteru
nanpa boyHinano Mayo
male student AIshida Akira
male student BOno Kenji
male student CSumioka Yoshiyuki
male student DKatou Hideki
Kougami AtsukoMinano Fuuko
female student AHinano Mayo
female student BMinano Fuuko
female student CAsada Yumi
Akitani YokoHinano Mayo

The opening song is called You & I and is sung by LaLaLu, the group made up of the nine main seiyuu. The ending song (if you get the "good" ending) is called My All, and is sung by the girl who gives you the chocolate. Since there are nine possible good endings, there are nine versions of My All in this game.

game system

The game system allows a few choices during each school day: morning break, lunch break, and after school. The game will display a few choices of girls you can meet. There will be some conversation, and there will be one point where you will be asked to make a choice. Then the game will continue.

On the weekends, you usually go on a date with one of the girls. Sometimes you have a choice of which girl, sometime you don't. Maybe this depends on who you have been talking to during the week.

All of the dialogue, except for the player's dialogue, is voiced. Even the minor characters are voiced.

girl data

I have made a list of the days when you can meet up with certain girls.

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