Valiant Knights

Valiant Knights

iPhone, Android
released in fall of 2015
ended 2017.09.28

Valiant Knights is your basic "fight against the monsters" RPG. You fight against monsters in teams of four. Three of them are your characters and the fourth is one from a "friend".

Each one of your characters can carry two weapons, one armor, and three items.

When you win battles, you increase the strength of your characters. You can get some items and weapons by winning the battles. You can also do gacha (draws) for weapons and armor.

You can only have one of each character, and you can't sell off your characters. You get characters by doing the gacha. When you do a gacha and get a character you already have, you get an item that can increase the skill level of the character.

The battles will mostly run in auto mode. After setting your teams and choosing your friend, battles will run automatically. You can also flick and tap the screen to use the character's weapons and special skills, instead of letting it run on auto mode. For the easy battles, auto mode is fine, but when you battle against the stronger monsters, you need to use the special skills.

This game doesn't have LP. In most other games that I've played, you have LP and you can play only when you have enough LP to start a certain battle/quest. But in Valiant Knights there is no LP, so you can play any quest anytime you want. This is sort of a problem, since there is no limit to how much of your time it can eat up. You can go for the hard battles and there isn't any penalty except for the time you wasted.

Valiant Knights has over 70 super rare characters, and more are being added. There are also many rare characters too, all voiced.

The cast list, mostly from characters that I have, (not anywhere near complete) is as follows.

Arzu ArclightYamaya Yoshitaka
Ciel LuminousAmamiya Sora
Chloe WalkerMimori Suzuko
Sirius ReinheitNakamura Yuuichi
Marliece MistIgarashi Hiromi
Kuraus StrazeOno Yuuki
Juli RosenheimItou Ayasa
Claris LivierTachibana Rika
Victol BernarSugita Tomokazu
Melissa LilacKimura Juri
Ash BurlandMorikubo Shoutarou
Harbelt SchnaiderKusunoki Taiten
TinaKugimiya Rie
XexHosoya Yoshimasa
Shian BelonaKouno Marika
Volf ParanoaKomatsu Mikako
Leon SchwarzKoyama Rikiya
Eliza FrancescaHonda Mariko
Malice MaidenItsuki Yui
Clare SeraphTamura Yukari
Pamela EmeraldHata Sawako
Belle SnowSadohara Kaori
Magy NegleHorie Shun
Aina TitolKuwahara Yuuki
Amanda ClaireSugimoto Yuu

In my opinion, Pamela is the cutest character that Hata Sawako has done so far.


There have been several campaigns where they give you special characters or weapons.

In February 2016, there was a Valentine campaign where they give you one super rare (4 star) female character of your choice!

I had been playing this game since 2015.12.18, and have tried the gacha around 50 times to try to get Pamela Emerald. I tried on both the iPhone and Android and didn't get any.

Now they do this campaign, and I got Pamela very easily.. I even started a third game on my backup iphone.

There was another campaign near white day (3/14), where they gave you one super rare male character of your choice.

Then there was another campaign in May/June where they gave you one super rare character (male or female) of your choice. Also they gave away one super rare weapon of your choice.

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