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  • Sakurai Tomo ColleCarA

    The set of Sakurai Tomo () cards went on sale 1998.08.28. This set is called Sakurai Tomo 12 Melodies.

    There are 117 cards in the set (90 normal cards, 24 parallel cards, and 3 special cards). The normal cards are broken up into 10 sets of 9 cards each (so it fits nicely in a 9 card per page card holder). The cards are also numbered by set, not by the entire collection.

    The SP cards are thick, 3D cards.

    The 10 sets of normal cards are as follows

    EC Exotic Carnival
    OS Old Port Story
    OR Orgel
    GL A Glass Mullion
    GM Greek Melody
    BH Black Hat
    NS Night of Sapphire
    MB Marselles Blue
    LS Love Song
    LB Lonley Birthday
    SP Specials
    The parallel cards are made up of the EC, GL, GM, and NS cards. The parallel cards have a shiny, reflective background, while the normal cards have a normal photo background. The pictures are the same, and the card number on the back is the same too.

    With just one box (15 packs of 7 cards), I got only about half of the set. There were many, many duplicates. (;_;)

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