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  • Seiyuu Related Goods

    With the idolization of the popular seiyuu starting in the 1990's, there were many goods released featuring the seiyuu themselves, instead of their anime and game characters. There were pictures, posters, caps, telephone cards, folders, calendars, and many other goods.

    Most of these goods are sold at Animate and other specialty stores, while some of them are sold only through mail order. There are also many presents given away by the various seiyuu and anime magazines.

    By the 2000's, these seiyuu goods became common enough that it wasn't such rare sight.

    Some of the recent goods are as follows.

    There are even goods for some of the seiyuu groups.

    The first major sets of trading cards featuring seiyuu were the ColleCarA trading cards, released in 1998, following a wave of seiyuu goods of the 1990's.

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