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  • Ohmori Reiko 2000 calendar

    The 2000 Calendar for Oomori Reiko features the following:

    Size: 75cm tall by 50cm wide
    7 pages, including cover
    Code: CL-092
    Cover: white long-sleeved top, black and red trim shorts, looking pensively into the camera (hair tied up)

    Page 1: shoulder-strap white shirt, leaning against wall, blonde/orange hair, looking at camera, slight smile on her lips (looks a bit like Lilu in "Fifth Element") - GREAT PICTURE

    Page 2: kneeling on floor, wearing checkered one-piece dress, wide smile

    Page 3: blue shirt, pink skirt, checkered cap, biting into a crepe

    Page 4: face closeup, brown hair, very lively eyes, slightly wet hair

    Page 5: wearing blue "Pumpkin 999" shirt and brown jacket, great smile

    Page 6: sitting down, legs up, wearing a coverall over a shirt, facing side-on to the camera

    [information provided by Michael Studte]

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