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  • Shiratori Yuri goods

    The following Shiratori Yuri goods are available.

    calendar (1996-1997)

    There is a desk top calendar of Shiratori Yuri that was available to those who bought both the Caramel Pop CD and the Atarashii Kutsu CDsingle.

    The size is 15cm by 11cm, and the calendar goes from April 1996 to March 1997. There are two months per page.

    Yuri making a peace sign at her eyes, close up picture.
    Yuri at a river, full body, very cute.
    Yuri eating noodles, most of body.
    Yuri in a red jacket, standing in a forest.
    Yuri sitting on a rick by a lake, full body.
    Yuri standing in the rain (in London, maybe?).

    In all of the pictures, Yuri is wearing clothes that matches the month of the calendar.

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