La (Laughs)

released 2002.06.29
1470 yen

This is the second in a set of three maxi-singles by LaLaLu.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Real Power
  2. Me ha Allergy (Me はアレルギー)
  3. Session Impossible -Soreha Muri-
    Chori Wonton no Theme
  4. Real Power (karaoke)
  5. Me ha Allergy (karaoke)
  6. Session Impossible -Soreha Muri- (karaoke)
This CD comes with a LaLaLu card.

Track 3 is a 9 minute track containing two songs, Session Impossible and the theme song to Chori Wonton, by Sakurai Sara and Miyanishi Noa.


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