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Chori Wonton

[Sara] [Noa]
Chori Wonton (󤿤) is a sub group of the group LaLaLu, made up of Sakurai Sara () (Chori) and Miyanishi Noa (ǵ) (Wonton). The name of this group is made up of the words that Sara and Noa usually say. Sara says "chori" a lot, and Noa adds "wonton" to her greeting "konnichiha" (making "konnichi wantan").

Chori Wonton has a hand gesture, which they call the chori wonton pose.

Chori Wonton had their own stage during the Idol Style event on May 3, 2002, where they sang their own theme song. Since then they have had stages during the following events.

The Chori Wonton no Theme is on the LaLaLu second CD La (Laughs). Also the Chori Wonton Sound Musical has been released on CDR.
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