group name Ro-Kyu-Bu
members Hanazawa Kana (累葽嫗窪)
Iguchi Yuka (唳軾芚嫗)
Hikasa Youko (ゥ喂阺閡)
Hidaka Rina (ゥ嫖峇窪)
Ogura Yui (凝轄礿)
anime Rou Kyuu Bu (伕它五文□少)

The group Ro-Kyu-Bu is made up of the seiyuu from the TV anime Rou Kyuu Bu (伕它五文□少) and Rou Kyuu Bu SS (伕它五文□少SS).

They sung the opening and ending songs to the anime, and have also released solo CDs. There are solo versions of the OP on the solo CDs.

Ro-Kyu-Bu released their first album Pure Elements in October 2011.

Their second album Dear Friends went on sale in September 2013.

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