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Hoshi Souichirou events

Some of the events that Souichirou has appeared in are as follows.

1998.03.28Slayers/Lost Universe event
1999.11.28D.N.Angel Wink 2nd Target Lovesick event
2000.04.01Tokyo Game Show Spring 2000
2000.07.22Tokyo Character Show
2000.08.22Gensou Maden Saiyuuki Summer Illusion 2000
2000.11.19Tales Ring Eternia public recording
2001.04.07Gensou Maden Saiyuuki Spring Illusion 2001 in Omiya Sonic City
2001.06.24Gensou Maden Saiyuuki Summer Illusion on the Movie at Pacifico
2001.07.22Emotion Festival in Fukuoka
2001.12.01DVD Scryed event in Tokyo
2001.12.02DVD Scryed event in Osaka
2002.07.20[13:00/16:30] Neo Romance Festa 3 in Pacifico Yokohama
2002.07.21[13:00/16:30] Neo Romance Festa 3 in Pacifico Yokohama
2002.07.27[14:00] Thanks 20th Emotion Festival 2002 in Suginami Koukaidou
2002.07.28[14:00] Thanks 20th Emotion Festival 2002 in Osaka
2002.09.01[13:00/17:00] Omaera no Tamedaro! vol 20
2002.09.15Gensoumaden Saiyuuki Summer Illusion 2002 Memorial
2002.12.08[13:30/17:30] Neo Romance Festa 94 in Pacifico Yokohama
2003.01.25[12:00] Get Backers Every DVD Day in Animate Ikebukuro
2003.01.26[14:00] Get Backers Every DVD Day in A&H Hall
2003.06.29[17:30] Neo Romance Festa 5 in Osaka
2003.08.24[12:00] C3 2003 Gundam Seed talk show
2003.08.24[14:30] C3 2003 Kadokawa booth signing session
2003.08.24[16:00] C3 2003 Bandai Visual booth
2003.11.15[13:30/17:30] Neo Romance Live 2003 Autumn in Pacifico
2004.03.28[12:30] Tokyo International Anime Fair (Avex booth)
2004.05.01[14:00/17:30] Neo Romance Festa 6 in Osaka
2004.07.31[13:00] Tenjou Tenka Round 1 DVD event
2004.08.14[16:00] Tenjou Tenka event in Nanba Mother Hall
2004.08.17[19:30] Tenjou Tenka event in Velfarre
2004.08.21[10:00] Hakusensha 30th Anniversay Sugo Natsu Festa
2004.09.11[14:00] Gundam Seed Special Edition DVD talk show
2004.09.25[12:00] Tokyo Game Show 2004 "Konami event"
2004.09.25[15:00] Tokyo Game Show 2004 Sammy Sega Booth
2004.12.04[13:30/17:30] Neo Romance Festa 7
2004.12.05[13:30/17:30] Neo Romance Festa 7
2004.12.12[13:00/15:00] Harukanaru Jikuu no Nakade 2 Special event
2005.02.05[13:30/17:30] Neo Romance Live Haruka Matsuri 2005
2005.02.13[14:00/18:00] Omaera no Tame daro! vol 25
2005.03.27[14:00] Gundam Seed Destiny DVD&CD talk and live in Nagoya
2005.03.27[17:00] Newtype 20th Anniversary Kanshasai in Nagoya
2005.12.10[13:30/17:30] Neo Romance Live 2005 Winter
2005.12.11[13:30/17:30] Neo Romance Live 2005 Winter
2006.05.07[14:00] Sony Music Anime Fes 06 Gundam Seed&Destiny Stage
2006.05.07[18:30] Sony Music Anime Fes 06 stage
2006.08.12[12:30] Neo Romance Festa movie premium showing
2006.08.12[18:30] Neo Romance Festa
2006.08.13[12:30] Neo Romance Festa movie premium showing
2006.08.13[18:30] Neo Romance Festa
2006.08.27[13:30] G Festival in Osaka
2006.09.23[13:30/17:30] Neo Romance Live 2006 Autumn
2007.04.21[14:00] Heartful Station event in Kobe
2007.07.07[13:30/18:00] Neo Romance Live 2007 Summer
2007.07.08[13:30/18:00] Neo Romance Live 2007 Summer
2008.03.01[13:30/18:00] Neo Romance Festa
2008.03.16[12:00/18:00] Tennis no Oujisama OVA 100 Song Marathon
2008.04.12[13:00/14:15] DVD "Ghost Hound" talk show
2008.07.12[13:00/17:00] Neo Romance Live 2008 Summer Zepp Osaka
2008.12.27[12:30/17:00] Neo Romance Festa 10
2008.12.28[12:30/17:00] Neo Romance Festa 10
2009.03.07[16:00] Heartful Station 900th broadcast public recording
2009.09.06[18:00] Tennis no Ouji-sama OVA event
2009.12.19[13:30/18:00] Neo Romance Star Light Christmas
2009.12.19[13:30/18:00] Neo Romance Starlight Christmas
2010.01.17[13:00] Neo Romance Festa Haruka 10 Nensai
2010.01.17[19:00] Neo Romance Festa Haruka 10 Nensai
2010.03.20[17:00] Sora no Otoshimono Daikanshasai
2010.09.19[18:00] Sora no Otoshimono Forte Dai Zen'yasai
2010.11.21[16:00] Heartful Station public recording
2011.01.03[13:00] Basara 5th Anniversary
2012.03.18[13:00/18:00] Super Robot Taisen 20th Anniversary Event
2012.05.12[15:00/18:30] Shining Fan Festa 2012 Spring
2015.09.13[13:00] Neo Romance Live
2016.05.07[17:30] Soichiro Hoshi 2nd Live "StarRing Party" Nakano Zero Hall
2016.09.18[15:45] Tokyo Game Show 2016 "Persona 5" talk show