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    Iizuka Mayumi CDs (solo)

    Mayumi has released the following solo CDs.

    1997.08.27Kataomoi (PICA-1148)Song
    1998.09.23Mint to Kuchibue (PICA-1180)Song
    1998.12.11Fly Lady Bird (PICA-1182)Song
    1999.07.23So Loving (PICA-1193)Song
    2000.01.26Careless/Place to Be (PICA-0006)Song
    2001.02.21Berry Best (PICA-1224)Song
    2001.02.21Berry Best [first press box including DVD] (PICA-1213)Song
    2002.07.24Niji no Saku Bassho (TKCA-72389)Song
    2004.02.0423 Degrees (TKCA-72648)Song
    2006.09.2710 Love (TKCA-73111)Song
    2007.09.05Crystal Days (TKCA-73238)Song
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