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Imai Asami Internet broadcasts

Some of the internet that Asami has appeared in are as follows.

2010.07.01-Radio Shukufuku no Campanellahost
2016.12.24Niconico SSG Christmas SPhost
2017.05.04Denjin Gachaguest
2017.10.16PS4 "Idolmaster Stella Stage" Stella Channel 2host
2017.10.18Idolmaster Million Live Theater Days niconamahost
2017.11.22Chain Chronicle 3 Series 1st Anniversary 4guest
2017.12.23Granblue Fantasy Fes 2017 Day2 [live]guest
2018.01.22Azur Lane Koushiki Namahousou 2 "Neptune collaboration"guest
2018.03.044 Shuunen Chokuzen Namahousou! Granblue Anniversary SPguest
2018.03.16Oshiro Project RE 2nd Anniversary Koushiki Namahousouguest
2018.09.20Denjin Gacha "Steins; Gate Elite"guest
2018.09.27Yoru Night x Yoru Night -Thursday-guest
2018.12.25Niconico SSG Tokubanhost
2019.01.08Niconico SSG 77host
2019.02.05Niconico SSG 79host
2019.03.21Yoru Night x Yoru Night -Thursday-guest
2019.05.15Idolmaster Million Live Theater Days "Reiwa" Saisho no Namahaishinhost
2019.05.31Grimoire Niconama A 2guest
2019.06.11Niconico SSG 88host
2019.08.09Oshiro Project RE Koushiki Namahousou 5guest
2019.09.03Niconico SSG 94host
2019.09.17Niconico SSG 95host
2020.01.09Emiri Miyu to Issho ni Granblue 84guest
2020.03.14Oshiro Project RE 4th Anniversary Koushiki Namahousouguest
2020.08.22Oshiro Project RE Koushiki Namahousou 8guest
2020.10.22Emiri Miyu to Issho ni Granblue 100guest
2020.12.04Oshiro Project RE Koushiki Namahousou 9guest
2020.12.25Tachibana Rika no Toriaezu Nama 5guest
2021.03.13Oshiro Project RE Koushiki Namahousou 5 Shuunenguest
2021.03.19Kotoneiro Shinsaku Happyou Namahaishinguest
2021.07.16Azurlane Idolmaster Collabo Kinen SPguest
2021.08.15Imai Asami to Issho ni Among Ushost