Anime Channel - 2001.01.24

[I won a present on tonight's live chat! - H.Doi]

Tonight's guest was Nagai Nobuko (ʰ濮). Nobuko had her hair up, was wearing a black long sleeve sweater, and a checkered jumper skirt. She looked very different from all the other times I've seen her. She said she was dressed in the image of a "young wife". (^_^;

It was a 60 minute broadcast, but there was some technical problems in the first few minutes, as there was no sound. But things got fixed and everything went normally after that. The picture wasn't that smooth overall, but still watchable.

There is also a live chat program running, where the viewers can write in short comments. The MC and Nobuko would read some of the comments.

The first part was a question and answer session where a question was asked to Nobuko, and the viewers tried to guess Nobuko's answer. One question was where she would like to go on a date. The answer was "a scary haunted house".

Then the MC asked the viewers where they would like to take Nobuko. I wrote in "Hawaii", and it got read. (^_^; Nobuko said that she didn't have a passport.

Some other things that Nobuko talked about.. She used to have a pet turtle called Goro. She likes to save the food that she likes for last. She likes potato chips and chocolate.

Near the end of the show, Nobuko and the MC played three games. The first one to win two games would be the winner. If Nobuko lost (i.e. the MC won) she would have to give a present to a viewer. It was the T-shirt that she wore that the June event.

Nobuko won the first game, but the MC won the next two. So Nobuko had to give the present to somebody. At the end of the show the MC asked who Nobuko would give the shirt to, and she said, "The person who said that he would take me to Hawaii."

So I got the present!

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