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Anime Channel ( is a site that has (had) seiyuu live chat broadcasts. The live chat broadcasts had a real video stream carrying voice and and video, and an interactive chat system. The seiyuu guests read the comments by the fans (written on the real-time chat).

One had to be a registered user (free to register) to participate in the live chats.

At the beginning there were live chats every day, but that went down to two or three live chats per week. Then as the number of viewers grew, they reduced it to one chat per week, as their system couldn't take it. In February 2001, they stopped the live chats, and it hasn't resumed yet (as of June 2001).

Some of the live chats that I participated in (or had seiyuu I liked) were as follows.

date guest
2000.09.10 Sawai Natsumi
2000.09.12 Heart Chu
2000.11.02 Ohtsuka Mae
2000.11.06 Sawai Natsumi
2000.11.07 Sakurai Sara
2000.11.12 ? (Kira Melo bunkasai)
2000.11.14 Tsuchiya Mieko
2000.11.16 Ohtsuka Mae
2000.11.26 Tsuchiya Mieko
2000.11.30 Nagai Nobuko
2001.01.24 Nagai Nobuko

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